Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Thanks to a co-worker I have figured out the family settings for the new computer. As it turns out, I did have a free product on the computer for Internet safety when it came out of the box. I just didn't know where to find it. Some fool decided to hide the program in a folder called "Window's Live."

I'm sure the mac people out there are saying, "if you just got a mac it would be easier..."

To them I say no. I am a PC girl.

Dad built PC's. Dad programmed PC's. I could go on. But, I won't. Except (ha) to say that getting a mac would be turning my back on the family. (Thinking of good Soprano's references here, but I'll save you.

Now, when you type "porn" in Bing, or Google, or Yahoo guess what? You get a list of child friendly sites. Specifically, Big Girl gets a page with castles and princesses with links to sites we want her to go to.

Cool now. Must remember to update the list and the settings as she grows.

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