Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost Fall Break

It is almost fall break y'all. While other moms are celebrating putting their over vacationed and over sugared kids lil angels on the bus or pulling up to the carpool line for the first time, I am already thinking about fall break.


There are times when the modified year-round schedule if fa-freakin-bulous and there are other times when its not so much. Thinking about camps and activities for the days off is like saying, "no more eating out for lunch hard workin' mom," because well, they are expensive.

We already pay for childcare, so a camp or activity is an extra expense. Read not in the budget post-kitchen/playroom renovation, computer purchase..... you get the idea.

Okay. So now to the reasons the schedule is fantastic. Easy to take time off from work when other people aren't on vaca. For real. I'm the only one thinkin' that the last week of September or early October is the perfect time to spend with my kids instead of at the office.

Another plus - the super cool kids places that are hot and crowded in the summer are pretty much empty mid-day. I mean, Marbles, one of our favorite downtown Raleigh kids spots ever even has coupons. Does it get any better?... It does the Life and Science Museum (a.k.a. the outdoor museum) in Durham also has coupons. Buy one get one free and you don't pay for baby.

The good sides way out weight the bad. So, I'm in love. While the rest of you plan ordinary after school adventures, I'll be thinkin' up fun daytime adventures. Yeah!!!

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