Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Civics Lessons for First Grade

Riding in the car one morning Big Girl said, "One kid in my class doesn't have to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Its his family rule. What is our family rule?"

Me, "Our family rule is that we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Do you know why?"

Big Girl, "Because its long and we need to learn it."

Me, "Well yes, put its about respect and in our family respect is important."

Save you the line for line. I, while driving to swim practice, offered a very heart felt civics lesson. In the discussion, I really felt like my daughter got it.

Here's a break down:

- Respect means that you think what other people are doing or their ideas are important and you are nice to them even if you don't always agree. Although we do agree with the Pledge of Allegiance.
- In America, we are fortunate to get to do lots of cool things like vote and go to church where we want.

Look! Kids all being cute saying the pledge. None of these back in the day kids is sitting down and not participating. They all have respect. They are not all in our family. We aren't alone!

So you wanna hear more of our fun Saturday civics lesson? Of course you do, because you know its freakin' cute. Here goes:

Big Girl: We have respect for soldiers because they have really tough work and they could get hurt by doing their job.
Me: We get to choose who is in charge in our Country and we all have respect for leaders, our earth, etc. (Rewind to a don't throw trash on the ground lesson a few weeks ago.)

Big Girl: The president. We have a president, not a king.
Me: Yes. That means that we have a democracy. All the adults get to choose who is in charge and then that person is only in charge for a certain amount of time, then they get to ask if we want them to still be in charge or if we think another person should have a turn.

Big Girl: Well if you don't have a democracy, why is that bad?
Me: In some countries where there are other types of government you don't get to choose things for yourself as much.
Big Girl: Like in China where you can only have one baby.
Me: Well.... (not wanting to go into how public policy is changing in China) yes. Also, in some places Moms and Dads or the government chooses what job you have when you grow up and they decide what clothes you wear and even how much and what kind of food you get.
Big Girl: But I make good choices Mommy. You said so, I picked a peach and yogurt for breakfast.

Big Girl: Do they have a democracy or a queen in Luxembourg?
Me: I don't know. When I am not driving I can use my phone to find out for you.
Me: Luxembourg kind of has both. They have a monarchy, which means a Queen or King, plus they have Parliament. Its just like England where Princess Kate lives. The King or Queen is in charge, but the people vote for the leaders that make most of the decisions and they have a lot of freedom like in a democracy.
Big Girl: We should have real princesses here. I can be one. So can cuz since you have to be in the same family to both be princesses of the same place.

Me: What kid doesn't say the Pledge of Allegiance?
Big Girl: A boy with yellow hair. His family doesn't believe in the words. That is what he said.
Me: Does he speak English all the time?
Big Girl: Yep. Just like me. But he gets to sit and read while we say the pledge.

:: OMG I think the kid isn't saying the pledge because of "Under God" WT! I thought it was going to be because they were from another country. Wish that was the reason.
:: I'm glad they say the pledge every day and that they have the minute of quiet before lunch. Wouldn't get that with our local public school system.

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