Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Break

We are now four days into fall break and its just like being on full tilt summer vacation from school. Here is a look at how Big Girl is living it up.

Day One: Come down from birthday party high from the previous night, lay around on the couch and watch TV, go to the library and pick out new books, then watch TV instead of reading them. Followed by make birthday cake for Daddy, wrap presents, take a super long shower, watch more TV (Dancing with the Stars) until at least 45 minutes after the normal bed time.

Day Two: Sleep in a bit then wake up in time for a breakfast birthday celebration including sprinkles and presents. Watch TV, get dressed late, run some errands, read for a bit, log on to the computer and play games, read for a bit. Go to swim team practice, get dressed up for evening party, celebration dinner, cake, skip walk to watch TV, go to bed late.

Day Three: Sleep in more than previous two days, get up in just enough time to eat a Poptart and get dressed before a friend comes over. Hang out with friend, play dress up, play games, eat macaroni and cheese for lunch, chill and talk about great books, friend goes home so she's bored. Watch a movie. Take a nap, eat dinner, read favorite books, crafty time, read, go to bed over an hour late.

Hummm. Pretty much sounds like a college schedule with a few substitutions.
- Change out one watch TV per day for go to class.
- Change come down from birthday party high with fight hangover following uber fantastic party.
- Change play dress up to dress up in various outfits to decide what is cutest.
- Change play computer games to write paper on the computer.

Yep. That would about do it. Maybe add in time to get coffee each day.....

More fall break adventures are coming next week. Museum, playdates, time with fun Aunt Angie. Can't wait!

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