Monday, September 26, 2011

Grow Up of Stay Little?

There are days when I wish Little Man would be more grown up. Then I read what Amanda has to say about her dudes growing up and think. Well, maybe I'm not so ready for him to grow up.

On the flip side of that, the last few days I've been hoping he would stop crawling and causing so much trouble wouldn't grow up so fast. Here are three examples.

1. Trying to use the metal spatula from Big Girl's play kitchen to remove outlet covers.

Yea. Your eyes do not deceive you. Metal spatula, attempting to remove plastic outlet covers. Couldn't make this junk up. I knew there would be non-believers, so I snapped a photo. I mean, I probably should have just taken it out of his hand and remedied the situation. Major for real danger, but I didn't. For once I had the phone handy, so instead....

2. Climbing up the stairs.

Oh yes. Hello split level. Stairs from garage to play room, from playroom to kitchen and formal living room, stairs from kitchen level to bedrooms, more from bedrooms to man cave/pool table room. (yes, sometimes it feels like a maze.) The biggest set of stairs if from the kitchen to the bedrooms. I think 11. He made it up the three from playroom to kitchen then stopped with his belly on the middle of the walk-through section of the baby gate in the kitchen - must have hurt.

I know what you are saying here. Keep the gate closed. We do when he is in the kitchen.

Little Man is about to sneak around the corner and "boo" me, but I didn't get the timing right. Sadness.

But for real - what good would that do when he is going up since he can make it safely. We do keep it closed when he is in the kitchen so he doesn't tumble all the way down.... Yes - a more watchful eye on the lighting speed scoot/crawl may also be helpful.

3. Moving the stool between rooms.

Instead of yet another baby gate, we have an ottoman blocking the doorway between the playroom and sun room. Sun room = potted plants = dirt and leaves that fall off = baby danger.

This weekend he pushed the ottoman to the side just enough to squeeze halfway through (hips with diaper and crawling motion got stuck). Instead of being all glum and Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbits hole about it he looked at us and laughed. And tried to eat a leaf. I totally busted out laughing too.

Needless to say we have a new solution. Nope. Not another baby gate. A heavy box of books next to the ottoman. Doorway totally blocked. Big kids and still crawl over. Not a perfect fix, but it will work until someone gown up enough to not eat leaves.

So, back to the growing up thing. Maybe I am ready for a little more. Maybe understanding "don't eat leaves," and "please wait your turn without dinosaur growling." Maybe.

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