Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Birthdays

Once you reach a certain age birthdays just aren't as exciting anymore. 23? 24? What does it matter very much? People buy you drinks and sometimes dinner and that is about it for a good day.

That is, until you have kids. Once you have kids that understand birthdays it is all over. All over. They plan parties, presents, cakes, you name it, we've even had party games for grown up birthdays.

This year - today!!! - is no exception. Five or six years ago, my husband would have celebrated his big day with a drink or two, maybe dinner with his parents the weekend before or after. This year - at Big Girl's planning - there was/is:

- a birthday breakfast (Trader Joe's french toast with sprinkles.)
- presents first thing in the morning (Included two six-packs of beer bottles individually wrapped. Well... still a few drinks.)
- a birthday dinner
- a birthday cake

Husband - Stop. Don't scroll down any further. The surprise will be ruined.

Everyone else - This is what happened in the crazy 20-30 minutes between when he left for work this morning and when I had to leave. I'm not totally super woman. I frosted the cake white last night and did Happy Birthday this morning. Big Girl did the rest. Check out her "Daddy" written in frosting!

There may be more, but I can't blog about it yet because then it wouldn't be a surprise.

Gotta love celebrating birthdays with kids!

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