Monday, September 12, 2011


When it comes to finances we try to be savers. We try to be frugal. ($80.74 in coupons and discounts on groceries this week and $16.74 at Target! - yessss) We try to teach our kids to be smart with their money.

So, then comes the day when Big Girl's stash adds up to $38. Yes. My girl's wallet was fat. She had also had her eye on a Little Mermaid toy at Target for about six weeks.
So, you guessed it. After a nice little math lesson (kinda for stalling until Little Man's nap time, kinda for the adding lesson) we loaded up and left the boys to football and naps.

$23 dollars, and a lesson she doesn't remember at all about sales tax, later the toy is at home. And, as soon as its out of the box, ya know what I hear, "Mommy, its really better to spend your money and do fun stuff than it is to save it. If I need money when I get big I'll just wait for the tooth fairy to come again."

Really? Really?

I had to just let it go. She is just 6. She does empty her piggy bank at the credit union and this was birthday, tooth, etc. money that she had collected in cash. But - really?? Is nothing sinking in?

So, I say, "We'll talk about it more when you get bigger."

"Hey Mommy. Thanks for taking me to the store."


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    That's too cute. She'll learn... or you'll have a big spender on your hands. :)