Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things the Baby Says

Its hard to believe that Little Man's jabbering is sounding like real words already. We had been hearing Mama for many months and earlier this summer he started saying Dada as well. Now, at nine months we are hearing some real phrases.

This morning, "by-by dada," with the arm wiggling all around.

A few nights ago "mama baba. mamababa." When he was due for a bottle.

Earlier this week when I put him in the stroller, then left him sitting still in the garage for a minute, "ga-go." Since my child is obviously brilliant I'm going to say that this meant he was ready to go.

Big Girl in her helpfulness hears him saying things also. Amidst some post dinner whimpering to get down she proclaimed, "he said I'm all done, may I be excused?"

Hmmmm. She has also told us that he is asking for ice cream and juice boxes, so take that for what you may.

He's also getting faster and better at his scoot/crawl. Any time he is on the floor in his room and the light so much as comes on in the hall bathroom and he is in there banging on the side of the tub. Last night, with a lot of patience and only a tiny bit of help he went up three stairs in our split level home. By the time he reached the top he had worked so hard it was all he could do to say, "ba-ba," before getting snuggled up for a pre-bed bottle.

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