Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Garden

It's fall y'all. For real. Cool temperatures, long sleeves. It is for real here and probably going to stay.

A couple weekends ago we took some time (with the help of my Mom) to pull out all the tomato plants from our garden. They were still kickin', but the tomatoes just weren't lookin' so hot. Plus, I'm really not sure when we will have another weekend at home to get them out. (Kinda like not knowing when I would get to writing this post!)

Tomatoes gone also means time for fall crops to go in. Man, am I excited. Spinach, sugar snap peas, broccoli, onions. Plus we still have green peppers, jalapenos and green beans.

But the best part of all? The very best part? The other members of my garden team.

Big Girl: Trying to use all the garden tools she can find to bury the mulch. Yep. Bury it. Never mind that Dad and I were planting seeds and doing fun and useful things, she wanted to make a hole and bury the mulch that we planned to use again (as soon as we were done planting the seeds).

Little Man: Sitting down in the middle of it all. Covered in dirt. Not really that bad, but the dirtiest we've let him get. Pulling out weeds, trying to eat rocks. Not even crawling or cruising the raised beds. Just sitting still and taking it in and getting some nice black dirt under his nails.

Husband: Working hard. I mean really hard, and as fast as he could to finish putting in the sugar snap peas and green beans with their twisty poles before either of the kids interrupted.

Plus there was me, making nice little rows, totally giving up on labeling anything instead just putting little row markers in the ground and telling everyone to remember what is "there" verses "here" (really hoping this plan will work out for us). I totally wish I had labeled everything, but oh well. The garden goes on.... And hopeully the next garden post will include some pics of Big Girl.

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