Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Monogram

I love a monogram. Crisp. Clean. For some reason, to me, its a fun little bit of sophistication. (Did I mention that we had our monogram on our wedding invitations, programs, wine bottles, etc? They rocked.)

Okay. Back on track.... Some monograms go over the line. I mean, they work for some people, but not for me. For instance, wearable monograms.

I'm also pretty much over car monograms.

I mean, do you seriously want everyone on the highway knowing that much about you?!

The last few years, I've kind of been getting monogram overload from all of it.

Then I saw this one in Better Homes and Gardens.

The windows and matching doormat are too much for me, but the fall foliage - fabulous. I loved it. So, Big Girl and I decided to make our own. All we had was a diaper box and $0 in our pocket.

Yeah. I know. You are probably saying "how the he!! did she pull that off?" Well, here is the scoop.

- empty pampers box (really any box. make sure its empty)
- pencil
- scissors
- gold/dark yellow paint (optional)
- silk leaves
- glue gun
- ribbon or string

First, unfold the box. Go to your front door and consider what size monogram you want displayed. Better Homes and Gardens went small. We went big.

Draw the letter in pencil. (Lesson learned here - use a pencil. I used blue washable marker and it was not so easy to cover up with paint. If you use a pencil and make the lines thin, you can just use the brown of the cardboard as your background and you won't need to paint.)

It doesn't need to be perfect. Some individual funkiness is awesome.

Next cut out the letter.

If you are going to paint the letter, now is the time to get your crafty kids involved. (If the weather is bad, or they have some cough/cold/virus blues I recommend a very small water color type paintbrush and a large letter. Not that I would ever give my daughter a task that I know will take an hour to keep her occupied. :0 I'm just saying....)

If you're painting yourself, use a 1 in. foam brush and get it done quick.

After the paint dries, get out the hot glue gun and the leaves. Grandma did her poof - I have extra random art supplies because I'm a teacher - thing and we had silk leaves after a drive across town. If you're on a budget and don't have silk leaves (or a mom/grandma that is a teacher), ones from the yard will work fine, but you will probably want to toss your creation in the trash in a few weeks.

Lesson learned alert - we started gluing right off the bat. After a while I had to go back and take some of the leaves off because they weren't spaced out very evenly and my super fantastic assistant (Big Girl) was putting them in evenly straight lines.

Recommendation - put the leaves out across your letter before you start gluing. Once they are in place rock it out with the glue gun.

When all the leaves are on the letter there is another fantastic helper job - pulling all the hot glue strings off.

Before you hang it on the door, add a small piece of ribbon or yarn as a hanger. Or, if you don't have a nail in your door, you can use a wreath hanger and - ta da!

Wanna see closer?

 Okay, so we are waiting on more leaves from Grandma. But, its on display.

Totally looks like my daughter created it on her own. I love it. If I had it to do over, I'd probably go a little smaller. I may also skip the paint if my house was a brighter color and keep the brown of the cardboard to go with the fall theme.

The most fabulous part? The back. Check it out.

May work better for you folks that don't have a window on your door. Oh well. Nothin' a little paper grocery bag can't fix over the weekend.

No matter what, I totally love our monogram.

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