Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but most of the kids around here (my kids Big Girl includedhave already picked out their costumes and have them ready to go. In Big Girl's world if you don't have a costume yet its "almost too late!"


Me, myself, I would think of almost too late as 4 p.m. on Halloween day. I would think of almost too late for a super fabulous deal as this week or next. Over the last few years it has seemed like the prices on costumes (at least the ones Big Girl and her friends have been interested in) go up the closer you get to the big day. As for e-bay and Craigslist, the really good deals are getting snatched up quickly.

That said, here are some "almost too late" (and not too expensive) costume ideas from Big Girl and me.

1. Fancy Nancy.

We Big Girl adores reading all the Nancy books. The costume is pretty simple and only requires a decent stash of dress up clothes. You need: a tutu, a cute (sparkles help) t-shirt, gloves (ones from last winter are fine), a crown ($1 store if you don't have a half dozen like us), dress up necklaces, dress up bangles, boa or a scarf from Mom, fancy hair clips or sparkle ponytail holders, brightly colored rain boots (from the explorer book) or party shoes. If its cool on Halloween add brightly colored tights.

Practice saying "Bonjour" and you'd even impress author Jane O'Conner.

2. Pinkalicious


Another favorite storybook character. Can you tell we were at the library over fall break?

This one is also pretty easy. Start with either a pink dress or long pink skirt and shirt. Add pink tights, pink shoes, wings if you have them or skip them if you don't because she doesn't have them in every story. To finish off the look a crown, pinktails (pigtails) and a wand with pink streamers (hair ribbons work great).

3. Handy Mandy

Apologies in advance that this is the only one she thought of that was for a boy, but it is an easy one. All you need is jeans, boots or brown shoes, a green shirt, a red baseball hat, yellow pencil over the ear and a tool belt and any pretend/play tools. If you don't have pretend ones, they usually have some at the $1 store. Tool belt may be harder, but I think you can skip it.

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