Monday, October 3, 2011

Heritage Day/Laura and Mary Day

For quite a while now Big Girl has been all about some Little House on the Prarie. We've listened to all the books on CD twice. We've read many of the books about their friends, so when Wake County's annual Heritage Day came up around we were all in.

We washed clothes by hand.

We helped make soap.

We check out (but were very carefull not to pet because they were scary?!?) the sheep.

We harassed some little goats that were minding their own business (in a playpen that remined us of baby jail) by calling them "og" which is Little Man for dog.

We sampled the cotton candy.

Wait. That cotton candy machine is using electricity. Maybe it wasn't around in Laura and Mary time. Wait. Double checked with Big Girl. "It had to have been or they wouldn't have had it at Heritage Day," she tells me. That is a little suspicious.

So, here are the chickens that the 4-H kids were getting ready to show. One of them eats marshmellos. Also thinking this didn't happen on Little House, but I am not even going to mention that one to Big Girl....

There were also oxen (I'd never seen them up close before), a variety of farm animals, buttermaking, candle making, a blacksmith, hayrides, horse and buggy rides, a cotton field and information about cotton in North Carolina and some fantastic smelling food. There were also lots of other things, many of which we didn't see, because it was both lunch and nap time... We'll be back next year. More on the rest of our exciting weekend tomorrow.

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