Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Conversations

The last few days and even week or so, we seem to have had a lot of funny little conversations at our house. Here are just a few that had us, or me, rolling.

Big Girl: My cheeseburger is horrible. It has black stuff on it. There is no way I can eat it.

Me: It has marks from the grill. If it didn't it would be raw and then the meat would make you sick.

Big Girl: The grill is making me sick.

Talking about babies and a friend that had her baby via c-section.

"When I have my babies I want to POP them out like Mommy did. I don't want them to get cut out because that will leave a mark."

Cleaning Up
Me: Lets go ahead and put away anything you don't want brother to get into, like the markers and the papers on the floor.

--long pause--

Big Girl: I have a book.

Husband with toy car in hand: I have a car.

Me: erupting laughter

Big Girl: What is so funny?

Me: I asked you to clean up and you knew I was talking to you, but answered the wrong question.

Big Girl: Huh

Me: more laughter

Husband: Please clean up the toys. Now.

Baby Play Time
As I was playing on the floor with Mr. Trouble, I realized that some of the things I was saying to him were actually pretty funny.

- We don't bite.
- Ew. I don't want that in my nose.
- Please don't put that in my ear.
- I love you, but I don't need all your slob.
- Honey, do I have teeth marks on me?

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