Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shopping with Big Girl

Picked Big Girl up from school a little early and stopped at Trader Joe's for her to pick out a snack before heading to an appointment.

She loves this store and knows her way around and where to find all her favorite snacks. I told her that we had $10 to spend. Pushing the little cart around she picked out:

- Dried Raspberry Fruit Snack Thing $1.29
- Very Berry Smoothie $2.59
- Kettle Corn (for Dad) $1.99

When I asked if that was all she wanted for snack, she said yes. Then slowly turned her face around to me and asked, "do they have cookies here?"

So, we ended up with cookies as well. ($3.29)

With tax she made it out pennies under $10.

Only problem when we got in the car she decided that she didn't like the Raspberry dried fruit or the smoothie. Back to square one on filling up the tummy.

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