Thursday, October 27, 2011

The State Fair

This post feels like its pretty much outdated by now, but the fair was really just last week. Its hard to believe how fast the fall is going - too fast!

If you live in Raleigh you have to go to the State Fair. If you don't live in Raleigh and you are anywhere else in North Carolina you still hear about it, and really - lots of people from all over the place come to our fair.

Since we didn't make it last year (I was big and huge and pregnant and starting to get really uncomfortable!) this year it was all out required. Weeks ahead of time we picked a day and took off from work so we wouldn't have to fight the weekend crowds. We planned ahead to take Big Girl out of school - parents of the year - that's us!

Then the nasty virus happened. Well, to be honest it started hitting us over a week before fair day, but it wasn't a nice quick virus, it was a long lasting coughing, share it with every family member slowly virus. Yuck.

Then the nasty forecast happened. I looked and looked for a screen shot to share, and couldn't find an old one. But it was basically big fat rain clouds, the little lightening icon. When you read all the details, it said scattered showers at times heavy. Not good for being outside.
Then we went anyway. Yep. In the rain. With a virus. We went to the fair. For sic six hours we went to the fair.

And - guess what - even under dire said conditions it was fun.

We went on rides, we ate, we visited the village of yesteryear we watched the blacksmith, we ate and well, we ate. Did I mention there was a lot of eating?

It was interesting to see the fairgrounds with so few people. When we walked up to rides we got right on. When we went in exhibits we didn't have to fight crowds. It was a great time, and a much needed few hours with just my husband, our wonderful six-year-old and myself.

So, rain and all, I'd do it again. Maybe wear pants instead of shorts, but I'd do it again.

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