Thursday, October 20, 2011


Picture this. Little Man sitting at the bottom of the stairs saying "dada. go dada," and waving his arms.

He knows he isn't really supposed to go up them, but on these steps there is no gate in the way. (There is a door between the steps and the kitchen so we don't need it.)

Then I hear "mama?" Followed by, "mama uh uh." (I think this is 10 month-old for, "Mommy I want to go up.")

So what do I do? What you would do. Go see that sweet little baby. I said, "go-go, you can go-go," and tapped the stairs.

That was all he needed. Within a few moments, this was the view from the foyer.

A few more minutes and my husband was out of the bedroom and quickly joined by Big Girl cheering him on. Such a sweet moment.

And our Little Man? He was so proud. When he got to the top he clapped for himself. My heart beams!

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