Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My son is the very hungry caterpillar - on the next to last day of the story when he eats through everything.

Last night he started eating at 5 p.m. He started with little fruit snacks. Then he had puffies. Then it was shredded mozzarella, baby food pears, grapes, bread, baby food carrots, mac-n-cheese, smoked chicken, more mac-n-cheese and a bottle.
My pediatrician says his stomach is the size of his fist. She is wrong. There is no way that much fit in his fist and if we stopped feeding/stop feeding him he gets fussy. When he came out of the highchairs - and straight up to the tub because he fed himself most of the food - his belly was hanging over his shorts. 

He also burped a few times and this morning he had gas.... Its no freakin' wonder why. As I left for work I warned the sitter she may have more than one dirty diaper coming.

In Little Man's one defense, he didn't eat much lunch yesterday. He kinda passed on it. Then he napped through snack time. But, it was still a lot of food.

My very hungry caterpillar.

P.S. Does anyone know any secrets for getting Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (sauce and noodles) out of fine little baby hair? It was a bit of a painful process that included me using my fingernails to pull out little tiny pieces of noodle.

P.P.S. Did you know that a Mac-n-Cheese noodle fits perfectly over the top edge of a 10 month-old's ear? Its actually a little tricky to get out. I'm just sayin'

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