Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Luv A Good Festival

One of my favorite things about Raleigh this time of year is all of the fal festivals. It seems like most every school and even many churches have them. Its really all over the piedmont that this seems to happen, but it doesn't seem to be all over the Country (too bad for the rest of y'all).

Last weekend was the fall festival at the church/preschool that Big Girl attended when she was - well, not quite so big.

For $5 there were games, bounce houses, candy, a scavenger hunt, cake walk, candy, prizes and even a ride. Did I mention there was a cake walk with great baked goods and candy? We paid extra for face painting.

Again, my photography skills are somewhat lacking, but here is a (did I mention I am not good with a camera lately) look at some of the fun.

Scavenger hunt that required crossing back and forth across the church/school property about a dozen times. Big girl and her buddies "had" to do this at top speed.
Bouncin' was awesome. Three inflatables - heck yeah.

Use a water gun thing to knock out some ducks? Yes please. Win cute hair clips from Crocodile Creek. Even better!

Then my favorite. The obligatory face painting photo.

He's only 10 months, but this was his third (don't judge me, cuz we get in on the celebrations) face painting experience. When he looks in the mirror at himself it makes him laugh like crazy, so its all good.  

Another fall festival coming this weekend. Grandma paparazzi will be here, so you should get some better pictures.

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