Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Conversations

Its was a busy and fun weekend at our house. We worked in the yard, attended a birthday party for a super kid, and had some seriously funny conversations.

"When was the last time you fed the fish?"
"The day before we went to the beach."
'That was in July."
"Did you think he would die?"
"The vacation feeder said it could last up to two months. I figured if no one else remembered to feed him, then we really didn't need him anymore."
"Okay, but now he's at the bottom of the tank growing fuzz."
"Yea. I noticed that he wasn't swimming anymore last week."
"Do you think we should clean the tank out?"
"Probably. I mean, that would be really nice of you."
"What about Big Girl? She's gone...."
"Well, we will tell her when she notices."
Side Note: She's been back almost 24 hours and hasn't missed the fish tank on the kitchen counter.

(This was on attending service at a church we hadn't been to before.)
"What did you think?"
"There wasn't a sermon."
"I don't know if I've ever been to a Sunday service without a sermon before."
"Yeah that was different."
"But it was a good service."
"Really? It was kinding of missing a sermon. Can it be a good service without a sermon?"
"Get in the car."
:: Oh crap people probably just heard us saying stuff about their church in the parking lot.

Downtown Lunch
"So you want to go and sit down somewhere to eat lunch?"
"Yea. That is what I was thinking."
"I mean, I just ran 22 miles and I can smell myself."
"So you don't want to eat? Its almost 1 p.m. and we didn't have breakfast."
"Maybe we should go to Bojangles instead of a good downtown place."
"Oh." - big pause - "Yea, you do smell a little."

Oh. You wanted to know who was saying what? That wouldn't be as much fun. Okay, so here is a clue, I'm not training for a marathon.

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