Monday, October 31, 2011

Whats in My Bag?!?

Last week - okay a few weeks ago - a family friend blogged about how her life - and purse - has changed since her daughter was born. Things are so different that in looking for her debit card she actually pulled a shoe (full size, not baby sized out of her bag).

Last Monday, I had a similar experience. Dumping bills and half eaten Cheerios out of my purse while looking for my work cell phone. Yes people, I have a separate cell phone for work. One that is supposed to be on all the time and that before having Little Man went everywhere with me.... I digress.

The cell phone had only been missing since Thursday evening, since I was off Thursday and Friday I didn't worry too much.

At any rate, the battery was certainly dead, so the calling the phone to locate it trick was out of the question. And, now that it was Monday morning, well, I really needed to find it.

As a working mom, I carry a purse to the office and diaper bag everywhere else. There is a wallet - glad I remembered it today - keys, personal cell phone, and several pairs of sunglasses (gotta have options!) that meander back and forth. Many days I forget at least one of the back and forth items.

Along with the phone (#9) I found all of this crap that is making my arms sore junk incredibly useful stuff.

1. Purse. Large, silver, I thought it was kinda trendy but still large enough for both my laptop and lunch. I also figured that the straps were on the softer side, so when I put my big-ol - no tablet for me :( - laptop inside my shoulders survive.
2. Grocery list from about three weeks ago. Ummmm. Didn't think I had it that day at the store. :: sigh
3. Pen. Purple. Can never find it when I need it.
4. Paper napkin. Had a cookie in it - gulp - a few days ago. Trash.
5. Cortizone 10. Did I mention that I had poison ivy under my arms. Totally gross. If you are gardening and wearing a long sleeve shirt and take off you gloves. Don't put them under your arm. Somehow that junk goes through the fabric.
6. HSA Debit Card. Needs to go back in the wallet or I will seriously never find it again. Seriously.

7. Shoes. They used to be my favorite heels ever. Now they make my feet hurt. They were in my bag to get resoled. That was probably two months ago. Now they are riding around in there and I pull them out when I need to be a grown up.
8. Sunglasses. Two pairs. I'm not even going to try and explain why there are two..... Well, maybe. One is a dark rim and one is a light rim. I have trouble keeping up with them, so two is better than one. The "expensive" pair was $7.99. Ha!
9. Work cell phone. Hallalujah.
10. Umbrella.
11. Work stuff
12. Family papers. ie. a file of new art work.
13. Badge and office key. Check out the awesome broken clip. Two clips down in two days. What is the deal with these things. All I want is for them to stay put on the side of my purse. Really. Is that too much to ask.
14. Camera card reader for work laptop. For some reason the card reader on the computer was broken when I got it and this is the solution from our IT team.
15. Wallet. See the seems popping? Not from the cash flow. Its more likely from all the receipts (and fantastic small works of art that I "have" to keep according to my daughter).
16. School Photo. 4x6 or something. I need to change it out and replace last year's on my office shelf. The photos were only taken in July. Its been in my purse for about three weeks. Think I'll take care of that today....

17. Halloween cards. Yeah. Cheesey. But if you are getting one you will love my novice art work and the updated pictures of the kids. It will be a few more days before these buggers go out because I gotta go buy stamps.
18. Graphic design idea. If it works out for the first birthday bash I will be sure to share the final version.
19. Dental receipt. Must remember to file. Not so bad on this one. The appointment was only last week.
20. Pencil pouch. Yep. Looks like make-up but its full of pens and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Plus lipstick when it gets back in there.
21. Keys.
22. Bill to call about today. Can I just say I HATE CIGNA. We are still sorting out everything from Little Man's birth last December.
23. Letter to mail to super cuz Alina.
24. Photo wallet. Full of cuteness.
25. Laptop charger. I was so looking for that this weekend.
26. New photos for photo wallet from a girl friend. It really makes me feel better that they are from the end of July and she gave them to me last week. I am so normal. :: sigh - again.
27. Coupons. Printed from dated 9/16. Still in my purse. About half of them have been torn off and used. Plus Shutterfly. Hit me up on comments or email if you want a share with friend code for 10 percent off plus 5 free cards. I have a ton of them!

Yikes. And that is only my work bag. Imagine if I showed you the wallet and or diaper bag. Totally messiness and I'm so not a messy person. I like clean counter tops and laundry put away. I organize suitcases and plan snacks ahead of time - somehow my bag is not in order. (For that matter, neither is my car.)

If you want to read more from Melissa over at Oh My Olivia, here is the link to her blog. Plus then I heard that Roo over at Nice Girl Notes is giving away a hot Elliott Lucca bag away. So, you know I gotta get in on that!

P.S. The strap on this bag is about to fall off. Maybe related to the laptop I lug around. Maybe. Maybe I need a new bag.


  1. Shoooes! I love that you were honest enough to keep the napkin in there. :D Thanks for linking up! -Roo

  2. I am so with you on the "I hate CIGNA" bandwagon! My disability insurance is through them and I've been off since mid-April recovering from my 4th spinal surgery in 2 1/2 years and they randomly decided to stop paying me in mid-September. If it weren't for the stress of dealing with them I would probably be improving much faster - GRRR!