Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Planning

We're planning Little Man's first birthday party. I know he won't remember it, but I want to remember it. I want it to be a special day filled with special things just for him. Things that he enjoys and for the memories to be a snapshot of him at this time in his life.

Cars like those he likes to push around on the floor.
His favorite foods. Um okay - bread and bananas - aren't for everyone....
Fun things to crawl around, over and through.

With all that is going on in our busy lives, it is so important to me to find the time for the personalized touches. Its a way for me to show my son how much I love him. I know he won't recognize it now, but maybe one day he will.

Here is a preview of some of the details.

Personalized Invitations
The invitations set the tone. Personable and fun (Thanks Shutterfly). Not too many bright colors, but they feature a pretty cute little face.

The back includes a personalized message "We'll have some of my favorite foods plus you can watch me get my first taste of cake and ice cream. Hope you can make it. Love, LM"

Birthday Boy Brown Ale
You read that correctly. A custom beer. For a first birthday party. With a custom label. Its a good thing husband is a novice brew master. Ironically he brewed the beer back in September on his birthday weekend and we are going to share it with family and friends for Little Man's birthday in December.

This is the draft label. The art work is going to be cleaned up and the white background will be gone. I really think its going to look great when its done.

Happy Birthday Banner
I was totally inspired by this banner on Etsy. Ours is currently a work in progress, its going to use the same light aqua as the invites and a complimentary green the background colors. The letters are going to be printed on brown craft paper and I'm still working on just the right ribbon to hang it from. I am also thinking of skipping the ribbon between each letter, but we will have to see how it looks.

Brown Box Cars
My kids love playing with boxes and so do other kids we know. So, we are combining Little Man's love for "vroom vroom" and cardboard boxes to make cars for the kids to play with. I plan to cut out some number ones to put on the front of each car. They can play with them during the party and if the older ones get bored, I'll also have markers and other supplies on hand for them to decorate their cars.

Gotta have a cake. I've always enjoyed making birthday cakes for Big Girl and cousin CZ. Now I'm going to make my first boy cake. Again finding online inspiration. This time from Betty Crocker.

I'm going to try for a small car cake for Little Man to have for himself and then a larger car cake for everyone else. Going with the colors from the sign and the invites. We will have to see how that goes when I start baking and decorating.

There will be more details about the party soon after its over (and I have time to upload photos).

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