Friday, November 4, 2011


When you have kids you learn all kinds of new things.

You learn about nursing and breast pumps. You learn about peanuts and strawberries and that even though you thought babies just ate what big people ate that is far from the truth.

You learn that Curious George is now a TV show and that the Usborne books people rock the kids book world with all the That's Not My... books, and no matter how many times you read your full collection of them you are still going to read them again. (Maybe you didn't learn this, but just go with it, its what I learned.)

You learn sing along songs and can recognize the tune to Elmo's World. Anywhere. Even when a stranger is humming it in the doctor's office.

You learn to draw. Or re-learn to draw. You spend hours coloring and drawing pictures with your kids.

Pictures with chalk on the driveway. Pictures with paint on the easel. Pictures with markers. All for your sweet children to color in.

Then one day it hits you. You are not actually being creative when you draw. You are just drawing to the best of your non-art teacher ability goofy little animals. Then like a pile of rocks rolling down a mountain....

You realize that they aren't just goofy little animals, you are seariously drawing the dancing fruits and veggies and fish from Elmo's world.

They have the same smiles. The same eyes that are just a little bit more open than they really should be, even for the people type of eyes that they have, even though they are animals.

It makes you (okay me) realize that as much as you adore your children, you probably need to get out more. And that you should take a break from Elmo while you can, beacuse soon enough he'll return to your life.

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