Sunday, November 20, 2011


It seems like I'm always talking about food. From Little Man's crazy eating, being the milk machine myself, making baby food, etc. Then there is the garden. There is seriously a lot of food talk in this corner of my world. And - there is about to be more.

This weekend, after visiting with family and friends, we were driving home around dinner time. We really try to not make a habit of eating fast food and frequently carry healthy snacks or get carry-out instead of dashboard dinning. But tonight. Tonight we went for fast food. McDonald's to be exact.

Here is the thing about McDonald's. While some families with two kids (or more) and two working parents head to the golden arches on a weekly (or more) basis, we aren't exactly frequent customers. And there is a good reason why.

But before I get to the good reason, here is a bit more of the story from this weekend (I know you wanna hear it!).

So, its 5:45 on Sunday afternoon and into McDonald's we go. We walk up to the counter and Big Girl just stops. At Chick-Fil-A she heads right up and places her own order - 6 piece, milk and fruit cup. Here, in the land of "I'm Lovin' It," my kid is lost.

She looks at the menu and looks at me and Dad and back at me as I ask, "what do you want?"

She doesn't know and has quite a difficult time settling on nuggets, apple slices and milk. We order a cheeseburger to go with the pears in a tube and milk I brought in for little man. Husband gets a burger of some kind and we both get water.

To my left Little Man doesn't even want to touch his burger. The 11 month old who can eat more spaghetti with meat sauce than his sister and polish off three nuggets and most of a fruit cup at Chick-Fil-A won't eat a McDonald's burger. He only let one piece of "meat" go is his mouth and promptly spit it out and threw it on the floor. He ate about a third of the top half of the bun, but that too was a struggle.

He was clearly hungry and sucked all the pears out of the tube and finished off the dried yogurt and puffies and was looking around for more, but flat refused the burger and bun.

To my right (after 30 minutes) Big Girl had eaten one nugget and half her apple slices. She finished her milk and was working on my water. The kid who was whining because she was so hungry didn't even eat half her dinner. Not half.

The good news. I don't have to go back any time soon. The bad news - we'd paid for food to send it directly to the landfill.

Back in the car, we knew we should have stopped somewhere else. Really anywhere the kids would eat. Jinklebells (Bojangles) would even be fine. But we didn't. We stopped where Big Girl wanted to - and clearly it wasn't for the food. Damn marketing to kids.

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