Saturday, November 12, 2011

Radom Things Part 2

Everyone has their quirks. The strange things that they do - and probably don't notice or don't want to notice.

A few days ago I wrote about things you probably don't know about Big Girl. Now its my turn. This post is a guest compilation by my husbands and me.

1. When they play battle of the sexes on the radio, I always win. I mean. I don't call in, but I always know the man answers to the questions they are asking the women. I credit this to Sports Center every morning and my husband having strangely similar sports and entertainment preferences to the male DJ. Erie. Now if I could just get through when they ask for callers we would be on our way to Disney on Ice.

2. Bananas make me ill. Especially when I am pregnant. The first time, I could throw up with a person in the cube across the aisle from me at the office left a peel in the trash can the shift before. Yea. Peel, six to eight hours old. it wasn't pretty. It got so bad that I would hold my breath and walk to this person's desk when I entered the work area and then take their trash can down a far off hallway breathing as little as possible before running to the bathroom. Not pregnant, I still don't like to touch them. I don't know why, they are kinda gooey and yuck. Yuck. So what do I do, I feed them to my kids. They love them. Eat them every day. Just clean up your own freakin' peels.

3. I go back and forth on being addicted to caffeine. I just realized this. Although, I probably should have realized it when I blogged about it so creatively twice in a month a while ago. I am back to one serving about every other day. I'm trying really hard not to give in. Wait, it would be better if I just embrace the soda and have one in the morning on my way to work like I did when I was pregnant a few years ago.

4. I drink milk for dinner every night (when we eat at home). Skim milk. With Ice. Allegedly, I slurp it. Problem with ice in milk is that the ice cubes stick together and its difficult to drink it. But, I like really cold milk.

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