Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Random Things

Everyone has their quirks. Kids included. Here are three random things about my oldest that most people don't know.

1. She has a random southern accent. Random. I'm talking one word in a whole conversation and not even every day. Its the deep Alabama type of southern, no Eastern North Carolina here. When it comes out I feel like she should be in the "Roll Tide" ESPN Commercial.

2. For some reason she still isn't good at swings. Okay. Let me restate. She loves to go on the swings at the park. She loves to be pushed on a swing. She isn't good at pumping. Something about it just doesn't work for her. At first I thought she may have inherited my lack of coordination. Then I realized - there is no may about it - she did. However she can ride a bike and has better ball handling skills than me when it comes to other sports (really doesn't take much).

I think she may also be slightly stalled by the fact that when she wanted a swing we got a rope one. No pumping required.

Missed learning opportunity? Maybe. Picking the coolest swing ever, that both husband and I wished we had as kids - for sure!

3. She is a reading machine. Okay. So if you know us well, you probably do know this. She can go through a grade level appropriate chapter book in an hour. Last weekend she cruised her way through four chapter books - two Magic Tree House, one Disney fairy and one something else that the school librarian recommended.

Headed home from the library Halloween party. Books in her hands = one week supply.

P.S. - The school librarian doesn't have any idea what reading level my child is at, that book was done in about 45 minutes and it was 30 pages.

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