Monday, November 14, 2011

Travel Plans

When you have kids you have to plan ahead. To make a normal Saturday run smoothly, I usually have a plan by Wednesday evening or Thursday afternoon.

This Saturday it was:

7:00 Wake Up, Breakfast, Get Dressed
7:40 Leave for Swimming
8:00 Swim Team
9:15 Return from Swim Team, Eat Snack (Bojangles Biscuits!)
      Shower for Big Girl, Finalize Grocery List, Final Coupon Check, Make Bottle and Pack Snack
10:30 Grocery Shopping
11:45 Return from Grocery Store, Unpack Groceries, Make Lunches
12:45 Leave for Toy Store
1:20 Pick Out Birthday Present, Thanks Complimentary Wrapping!, Try not to Destroy Store
2:00  Arrive at Birthday Party, Snacks Again, Cake, Fun Fun Fun
4:00 Pack Up
4:30 Finally Wrangle Kids out of Bounce House and Into Car
5:15 Hope Dinner is Started
6:00 Eat Dinner

It continues until 8:30 or 9 p.m. when I sit down on the couch and fall asleep before making it through even one show on the DVR.

If that is what a normal Saturday takes with two kids, what is a six day vacation going to be like. Air travel, rental car, switching Little Man to cow milk, rehearsal dinner, wedding, family functions, brewery tour, museums, Lego land. Wow.

With just a few weeks to go, we have tentative plans for each day. Travel arrangements were made weeks ago, but we are still unsure what relatives we are staying with for the first two nights. I've started picking out clothes for the kids to wear, but am still unsure if we have enough luggage for all the gear. We've picked out some activities for non-wedding days, but should go ahead and reserve tickets for those things that need them. Also need to look at the TSA website and confirm all the latest information about traveling with babies - car seats, milk, etc.

Wow. I need a day off from work just to make the lists. Never mind the first birthday party the weekend after the vacation.

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