Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cardboard Box Cars

Kids love cardboard boxes. Crawling in them. Crawling out of them. Teething on them.

This isn't my baby. No way I could get that great of a photo.

As they get bigger, kids still play with boxes. They do goofy things like put a box on their head and dance around the yard.

When they get bigger, they turn them into goofy Halloween costumes.

Or furniture.

Or they make them into art.

Wait. That was me. About two months ago.

Little Man is no exception. He loves a good box. He also loves cars. So, for his first birthday I combined his passions to get this.

All I really needed was time to gather the buttons and assemble. I made one for each of the kids that attended the party to play with while they were there and then take home as their party favor.

I enjoyed the project. The kids enjoyed them at the party.

Here are some diagrams of the how they were put together.

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