Friday, December 30, 2011

Fancy Necklace T-Shirts - Make 'Em With Kids

Long title but it is true. What is better for a little girl than an art project that she can make and wear? What is better for a momma than an art project that costs $0 if you keep art supplies on hand (or almost $0) and is actually useful and not tacky? These shirts that we made for Christmas presents are a perfect combination. They would also be great for Valentine's Day if you did lots of red and pink.

If you only have boys you are out of luck on this one. Maybe they could make them to give as gifts - if you have the patient enough for crafts and can be trusted with permanent paint kinda boys.

Okay, enough of that. Here is what you need.
  • T-Shirt (If you already have a plain one at home its perfect. If it has a stain from a spill, just plan your design to cover it up. I'm telling you it will be perfect!)
  • Cork from a bottle of wine
  • T-shirt paint
  • Old hair ribbon in colors that coordinate with the paint
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Sharpie
To start, make sure the shirt is clean. Cover the workspace with newspaper and insert a scrap of cardboard in the shirt. We use empty cereal boxes for kids shirts and a wheat thins box for a baby shirt.

Then use the Sharpie to draw lines for the beads to go on. Squirt some paint on to another piece of cardboard. Then you just use the wine cork as a stamp to make "beads" on the "necklace." If the paint colors get swirled together a bit its fine and end up looking cool.

I think it looks better with a little space between the beads, but my daughter didn't agree.....

When the necklaces are filled with beads, let the shirts dry and then tack on a bow with some thread and a needle. We raided the hair ribbon stash and then ironed a ribbon flat before making the bow.

Project complete.

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