Friday, December 23, 2011

The Final Push

The final push is on to wrap up holiday projects. I had really hoped to have at least some of them done earlier to share, but guess how that turned out? Not exactly as planned. As I attempt to get everything done in the next 36 hours, here are some of the pictures of projects that are complete and some still in progress (cookies being worked on by my special assistant as I type!).

A few of these are gifts, so if you live in my house, are a cousin or grandmother that we will see on Christmas stop reading!

Lets start with the projects that have gone well.

1. Necklace Shirts.

Washed shirts, used a cork from a wine bottle and dipped it in swirled paint. Made it look like a necklace and added a bow. Super love this one. My own creation. Hope you enjoy. Very easy if you have a girl.

2. Plastic Bottle Snowmen

Saved up a few plastic drink bottles. Modge podged white tissue, cut a hole in the bottom for a battery operated candle, spray painted the lids black and used beads that we had on hand to make faces. Oh - the ribbons were left over from another project. This idea was not mine, totally swiped it from Family Fun magazine.

3. 12 Ounce Reindeer.

Filled up a make your own six pack at total wine. Then used googly eyes from the dollar store, beads from our art supplies and pipe cleaners from my Mom's classroom (score!). Big Girl helped with this one. If you try it at home don't use Gorilla Glue. Its normally one of my favorites, but it just didn't hold on beer bottles. Hot glue was way better. Large gift bag + white tissue and its waiting under our tree.

Okay, so on to the blah projects.

1. JOY candle holder. Also from Family Fun. Tin foil, glass jars from the recycling bin. Printed letter on the computer, put them on top of the foil, empty egg carton underneath and punched with a nail. Another Big Girl project. Looks was cooler in the photo which is at night. Maybe ours will be better without the lights on too. For now, I think they look pretty junky. Hope grandma likes them anyway!

Now the cookies.

Going well. I'll let the pictures tell the story here.

If I had known that watching them bake would be the highlight of the project and how long it would occupy the kids, I would have been baking daily for the last few weeks.

"That's not enough to keep you so busy you can't blog," you say? I've also been cleaning up after a quite mischievous elf. Look at the trouble and messes this one has been up to. Might as well have another kid!

Look at those photography skills. I even cut the elf's head off. Maybe she will tell Santa I need an SLR.

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