Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts for No. 2

When you have your first child every toy, every blanket, every little outfit is new - at least to your family. If you shop consignments sales and cherish hand-me-downs like we do, you also teach your kids that being new doesn't always mean a straight off the toy store box or tags from the mall. It really means something great that is new to you.

That worked great with the first child. Now we are on child number two. When our oldest was little I always knew I wanted more kids, so I bought many of the infant and toddler items - especially toys - in unisex colors. So far its been great. My second child is enjoying many treats as he grows without breaking the bank or even running to the store. Its just a quick climb up to the attic and he has a new book or truck or whatever.

Now its Christmas. I've got a two big. BIG. Plastic tubs of age appropriate toys that I pulled down. Some of the toys in them I didn't even remember having. Its like Christmas morning in a box and we didn't have to pay for it.

Before I go on, let me say that we like to be frugal, but we aren't cheap. We use coupons, but we don't buy stuff or pick it up at the store just because its a deal if we aren't going to use it.... Okay. So maybe I just covered this in the whole "we saved our toddler toys" section. I'll move on.

So should we or shouldn't we just wrap up whats in the attic for the Little Man for Christmas? Its all new to him. Big Sister doesn't remember most of it.

Before you make your decision judge me/us, take a look at this list of the items that we have and how much they would cost on Ebay and

1. Little People Fire Truck   
 - $36.99 collectibale - ha! - used
 - $12.99 used

2. Little People Bus in yellow
 - $19.99 used     
 - $32.99 new

3. Fisher Price Peek-A-Boo Blocks in a big case
 - $19.99 used

4. Wagon for Fisher Price Peek-A-Boo Blocks
 - $19.99 used without as many block as we have, extra blocks go for $12.99 for four
- $42.99 new without as many blocks as we have. I didn't pay this much. It was a two coupon and wait till its on sale situation. I think I paid $25.

5. Fisher Price Gumball Machine
 - $7.99 used

6. Kettler Trike
 - $219 new
 - $129 used

7. Eric Carl Board Books (we have four)
 - $11.99 to $5.99 each new
 - $30 (what are they thinking?) to $2.50 each used

Its a lot of money. Right? So, I'm asking for your feedback. What would you do?


  1. I already do that! Granted my two kids are just a year apart so they pretty much share regardless and I know that they don't really remember or care at this point in their lives. But I'm a firm believer in teaching kids very early on about money and materiality - the price of an object does not determine it's value.

  2. If it's been in the attic, he's never seen it, and she doesn't remember it, I don't see any difference in that and buying from a second hand store, except that it's your own wear and tear and germs and dents. I try hard to let number two get new things once in a while that are just hers, special to her tastes, etc...but my kids are closer together in age, so they share everything as it is, and nothing has time to be put away in between. I think in your situation, until he's old enough to want different types of toys, it's a great thing to do!