Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rockin' Birthday Banner

I was inspired to have lots of cute DIY projects for Little Man's first birthday. It happened in a moment of sheer Mommy madness. You know the kind, when you forget the you have a full time job, a week long vacation and two kids that need you and only focus in on the incredibly cute and time consuming details. Okay. Maybe you don't know exactly what I'm talking about here, but maybe you do.

During that exact moment - of unparalleled ambition - I blogged about all the big fist birthday party plans. By some miracle of family. Including sister-in-law craftiness and grandma's turning into Mary Poppins (yep. both of them pulling off Mary Poppins magic at the same time) all the details came together.

Of the final results, my favorite project was the birthday banner beer labels car cake birthday banner.

Clearly they were all super cute. Even if the cardboard box cars didn't turn out quite as cool as the ones I found on pintrest. Honesty people. Honesty.

I had planned to give a little DIY break down on the banner and the cardboard box cars and maybe even the cake. Since I've already had a few requests for the banner details - and the pattern that I worked up - I'm gonna start with that.

So, it all started with some uber cute banners that I saw on Etsy and Pintrest.

Pintrest Banner by Nicole Wind

Etsy Banner by JustBeccuz
I liked the little boy feel of the first one and the squares from the second one. After picking out paper from my scrapbook stash (have I mentioned I used to scrapbook?!) to coordinate with the other party materials, this is what I came up with.

 A pretty rockin' birthday banner.

It was really pretty easy, and certainly cost less than the Etsy ones.

Start with standard 12x12 scrapbook paper. Use a paper cutter to cut each page into 6" squares. (Half across the middle then in half again.)

Then cut around the edges of each square with scallopped scissors.

Next use a template that I designed to type up and print the text. (leave your e-mail address in comments and I can send it to you. MS Word doc's don't load to the blog.)

I purchased scrapbook paper (five pages at $.69 each) to get the cardboard look. If you start with a 12x12 square, use the paper cutter to trim it each page to 8.5x11.

Glue, twine from the garage (normally sometimes used to tie limbs together to take them to the curb).


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