Thursday, December 15, 2011

There is a Reason its Called the Windy City

Sunday after Thanksgiving we packed up the troops and headed to the Windy City. It was actually a pretty easy "pack up" and drive since we were already in Northern Indiana for a Fantastic Family Wedding.

It was a whirlwind adventure. In three days we managed to catch most of the big name attractions for families and some of the smaller ones as well.

We also battled high winds. Not just the normal Chicago winds, but the kind that prompt locals to stand against the Hancock Building to block the "breeze" and local tv news stories about it being a windy day.

Early in the morning husband went for a run - even going along the road that runs parallel to the water for a bit. Crazy! Then later in the morning with stroller and six year-old we managed to walk down Michigan Avenue to about two blocks from the lake (a.k.a. the source of all things cold and windy).

It was freakin' ridiculous. Ridiculous. Little Man lost his hat and it was blowing down the road. Some super nice guy ran through traffic to pick it up just as I told husband "I guess we'll need a new hat." There was no way we could have left one adult with both kids in the crazy wind. It was tryin' to pick both them up (LM in the stroller) and carry them away.

After our battle with the winds we spent two hours in American Girl. To say that Big Girl was awestruck was an understatement. She and Addy had a great time and picked out some treasures.

Addy liked seeing all the treasures that go with her stories, but she also loved Kit.
She also added a few things to the Christmas list and has started a nice long letter e-mail text letter to Santa.

Pretty much one of everything is on the Christmas list.
To wrap up the kids shopping destinations we visited Legoland, Hershey, the BIG Disney store (It really wasn't that much bigger than the one at our house.) and then headed to Rock Bottom Brewery for a grown up treat.

Side Notes on Rock Bottom: The beer and food were both great and they offered a special kid treat/entertainment with a make your own pizza option for kids. It was pretty basic - the dough was already rolled out, so she just added sauce and cheese, but it was a nice change from crayons and paper in so many restaurants. Super duper bonus point for giving us five more minutes to enjoy our drinks without an "I'm bored!"

Okay, so that was the final day of our trip. Other highlights are captured in pictures.

Starting with... Day One:
Kindervillage: Ate German food. Went in little headed craft vendor tents and Santa's house. The food was great and the crafts were cool. Big Girl tried a milk chocolate dipped apple - it was a big hit (would y'all ever have guessed?!). The cool part to grown ups - Santa's house. It was cute and cozy and warm. You got to see his Christmas tree, desk, etc and the whole thing including the pictures were free. They gave you a card at the end to go online and download your picture.

Walked all over town, including tours through Macy's, Lush, Nike Town and famous Chicago deep dish pizza for dinner.

Day Two:
Field Museum. On the way we walked through most of Grant Park. I wish it had been summer. Its beautiful with the statues, Buckingham fountain and the gardens. The gardens must be spectacular in the summer. The Field Museum was great. I'm going to do a separate post on it soon. Then most famous Chicago food for dinner.

Day Three:
That is all covered at the beginning of the post.

It was a really great vacation. We had so much fun and spent lots of time together.

Little Man loved the cold. I just can't get over how much fun he thought it was to have the wind in his face.

Big Girl loved the metro. Or subway. Or whatever you want to call it.

She could have stayed on it for hours.

When she went back to school and told her classmates about her trip she mentioned that people pee in the elevators in the subway, so sometimes instead of taking the elevator Mommy and Daddy carried the stroller up stairs.

BTW - Do you see the stains on the hood of her jacket? They weren't there before this subway ride - and guess what? They are still there. Special souvenir I guess.

More on the trip and Field Museum soon!


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