Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Steps and Chasing Girls

For weeks we have first suspected, then known that our Little Man could walk, but didn't want to. There is no way to get in his little brain and understand why, but he just doesn't want to walk. He crawls like an army ranger at top speed all over the place, he pushes a Fisher Price thing that makes music with confidence, but just taking a stroll around the house or yard holding onto fingers - no big fat way.

That is until there is a pretty girl.

Yep. A girl. He decided to walk when a girl he was chatting up walked away. Totally followed her. What a man.

The story goes like this.

Big Girl was at swim practice. Racking up the laps and doing an awesome job when Little Man started to get reckless restless. So, I scooped him up and went inside the office area to a sofa and chairs to let him play free of drowning hazards.

We were inside a few minutes and he was crawling all over the place when a little girl came in with her dad. She was clearly about his age, doing the zombie walk of "I'm doin' it on my own but I'm not so good at it yet."

They immediately started eyeballing each other and Little Man dashed over to her and started blabbing away. The dad and I said hello and exchanged the baby particulars. Then they were ready to go back out to the pool deck.

And that is when it happened.

The little girl walked out the double door. Little man was standing with his hands on the other door and as she walked out (still talking) I put my hand out and he grabbed on. Then he walked. He walked a good 12 to 15 steps just holding one finger on each of my hands.

Then he suddenly looked up at me. (He had been watching her.) As he looked up, he realized that the secret was out and plopped on his bottom.

I tried and tried to get him up and walking again but he has no interest.

We need another cute girl to chase. Maybe then he'll walk again.

If you have a blond (I don't think hair color matters much at this age) daughter between 12 and 15 months watch out e-mail me. Those with big hair bows and cute dresses please apply.

That's all. Thanks.

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