Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Memories

Its been almost a month since Christmas, and already there are many moments from the day and celebrations that are lost from our memory.

Little man holding his unlit candle during church. How he was in awe of all the lights and held (and consequently threw) his candle up for the whole world to see along with the rest of the family and congregation.

Big Girl seeing her bike under the Christmas tree and the squeals of delight. The similar squeals when she opened her American Girl doll.

For my husband and myself the victory of Big Girl not asking questions about her brother's new bike that looked just like her old one. "Mine was so cool Santa knew it was the best bike ever for little kids so he got the same one for him." Okay.

Following the initial excitement, there are many toys that are now gathering dust. Stacked up next to the Easy bake oven from last year there are new boxes.

It seems no matter how I try to plan out the holiday, how I ask people to restrain themselves when shopping for my kids they end up with a ridiculous amount of loot. So, after the initial excitement dies off, I pack many of the items up and then bring them back out on a rainy day.

But, here is the truth. And its not just the truth for my kids - its the truth for a lot of kids. They don't need stuff. They have all the toys they can possibly play with. More clothes than they ever get around to wearing (even with my lackadaisical laundry skillz). More bubble bath than can be used up before next Christmas. - Major sidetrack alert - Seriously, what was with the bubble bath this year? Each kid got three things of it.

Amidst all this how do you get kids to see the true meaning of the season? How do you get them to look forward to time with family and friends more than the cookies, candy and toys? I've been trying to figure it out for the last five years.

Do you have a method that works? Do you have any creative suggestions?

I need a plan for next year so we're not yard sailing this year's loot next summer.

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