Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dresser to Doll Closet

We have been busy with lots of little projects around the house. I was especially excited about this one - making a "closet" for doll clothes in Big Girls' dresser.

It started with seeing this doll wardrobe when we visited American Girl in Chicago.

We both loved the concept of the American Girl dolls having a special place to hang up their clothes and put their shoes and other treasures. We also both wanted something a little more modern and with brighter color.

Then I got to thinking about this (formerly empty) section of her dresser.

While she was occupied with other things I checked and the American Girls could stand up in the dresser. Perfect. Over the next few days - and a trip to the home improvement store - I came up with this.

We used a wooden rod to hang the clothes on ($2) and rubber stoppers ($2.50) so we didn't have to drill holes into the dresser.

Shout out here for the help.

I measured once and cut the piece of wood. Fortunately it was too long rather than too short, however my handy husband measured only once and corrected it.

While he did that I collected baby hangers from Little Man's room. We had one package that were really small that some clothes are already starting to slide off of (originally $2). I used wire clippers - don't know if that is the right name, but hubby uses them to cut wire, so you know - and snipped them to fit doll clothes.

We used scrapbook paper that we had on hand to cover the walls and some command sticky stuff to hang them up so they are secure but will come off easily ($3 with a $1 off coupon).

Then added hooks for the doll purses and hats, etc (left over from another project) and an empty square candle holder as a little box for shoes. Big Girl likes it because its fancy.

The final element (not shown above) is a mirror that we added to the door a few days later from the Dollar Store. Again hung with those command hooks.

It looks nice and was a quick and easy project. Big Girl and I are both excited to show it to friends.

... Oh, so you want the tally on how much this one cost?

Wooden Rod        $2
Rubber Stoppers  $2.50
Sticky Stuff            $3
Mirror                   $1


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