Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolutions for Our Family

New Years has come and gone. However resolutions are on my mind. Its funny that they are on my mind becuase they are not something that I do. If I get a wild notion to do one, its usually filled with sarcasm and/or humor.

For example, last year, New Years was less than a month after I gave birth to Little Man. I joked with everyone that I was gonna loose baby weight for my resolution. Like it was something that I wouldn't do without some "resolution." Of course I wanted to loose weight people. I was walking around looking like I'd just given birth with extra belly and boobs that could only be associated with bringing a little human into the world.

A few years before that - when my car was starting to turn into a total POS and I'd been in a fender bender the week before Christmas I said I was gonna get rid of the car. In mid-February I traded it in toward my CRV and only got $500 or $600 for it. The thing was 11 years old and had about 150,000 miles on it and one of the windows didn't roll down anymore.

I don't do resolutions.

Well. Not for myself.

This year, I decided to make some for the kids. That means they are actually going to be for me since I'll end up training the kids, but.... Isn't that what being a mom is all about?

Big Girl
1. Stop crying so easily.

Gosh. She cries easily. I'm telling you. Its a knee hitting the kitchen table and we have tears. The skin isn't broken. Its not even pink or scratched. There are tears.

She is six. We have got to move past this.

2. Brush hair before school without being asked.

Every day its the same thing. School clothes on and she comes downstairs and with dragon breath declares that she's ready for Martha Speaks. I like Martha too, but not with some dragon breath and crazy just rolled out of bed hair.

So, I say, "Did you brush your teeth and hair?" and she says, "I didn't not brush by teeth, but my hair looks good."

I have run out of kid appropriate comments to respond to this one. There are little blond and brown hairs sticking up all over the place. Even if you put a headband on top or a clip in the side it is not brushed. Seriously.

Little Man
1. Start Lovin' the Bathtub

Put him in the tub and there is a standard outcome. He stands up and cries. Well, there is another outcome. He also pees. Gotta get him to sit down chill and relax. It is crazy tough to get a standing up cryin' kid clean. It usually takes two people and its not super easy.

2. Walk

On Saturday I took him shopping with me and he totally promised to walk if I'd get him the new shoes he was droolin' over (literally), so I did. Put them on him, stood him up and he just stood there, laughed and plopped down on his butt. Ugh.

I know. Small things. But its small things that will make life smoother with two kids and two working parents. I'm convinced. Convinced.

I am really thinking these should be more like six week goals, but alas....

What are your kids up to right now? What are you working on? Any tips to get us toward our goals?

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