Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Project

Save the instructions, here is the picture tutorial.

Now to finish the guest room and hang these above the head of the bed.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Are We Teaching Them?

In every family they are character traits that are passed on. Some are truly inherited - the same as hair color and stature. Others. Well, they can only be learned. Nature verses nurture as one of my college professors said.

In our family I think a unique sense of logic is being passed down.

As my husband ran out to the grocery store he said, "need anything else?"

I debated in my head. Caffeine or no caffeine? I'd totally addicted again, but if I don't give in and buy a case of Coke at the grocery store maybe I will find the strength to resist.

He sees my face. "What?"

"We'll I'm trying to decide about Coke," I explain to him... buying a case is better than stopping by a vending machine every day. Well - at least it saves some money.

His reaction?

No, "Its okay" or "have some Coke if you want."

Nope. "Its like smoking. If you're gonna do it buy em buy the carton."

Great. I was already feeling unhealthy.

:: Flash to Big Girl with her art supplies ::

Look what I made.

Um. What do I say? Puzzling Momma moment.

You want us to leave you alone.

Before I can get a word out she explains, "Its for brother. so he'll know not to come into my room."


Instead of laughing hysterically or saying anything (too) smart guess what comes out of my mouth.

"That's so sweet. Are you going to teach him to read?"

Then I do it.

I start to laugh. I just can't help it. It was one of those moments. She was so proud and so sure of herself.

So I stifled my giggles and - with tears in my eyes - left the room.

Surely its one of those nurture things.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Up Late

How often do you let your kids stay up late? For us its not very often. We're the 8 p.m. in bed. See ya in the morning kind of parents.

Most of the time.

But when we let Big Girl stay up late - its late.

Its hockey game in over time goes to a shoot out you gotta stand up and cheer even if its 10 p.m. and you're six years old kinda late.

We love the 'Canes. It was a good game.

After staying up late every kid wants to sleep in right? So we let her sleep in - for an hour. Then we got ready for school in about 20 minutes and flew out the door.

Did she make it through the day without a melt down? Will she need a nap?

I'm sending good vibes to our sitter.

I hope this afternoon isn't a disaster.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Follow Up

How lame! I know but let me assure you I had a great post in mind. I was going to write it up in time to go up on Valentine's Day. Then. Then life got in the way.

Work. Family. Valentine's Eve dinner with a great bottle of wine. A baby that threw up in the night and then again and again.

So, all you're gonna get on this one is the goofy poems that were on our home made cards.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cars are cool
and so are you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have a cool sister
that is you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Brothers are awesome
Especially you

So that was Valentine's Day.

I'll be back to posting on a more regular basis soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dollar Store Test Drive

Do your kids love the Dollar Store? My daughter does. Sometimes we go in for one thing and spend $20. Take our last for instance.

::Du- Du-Du-Du:: (Scooby Do Music)

We went in for a mirror for the doll closet project. We should have come out with one item and only spend $1.06 or whatever. Wrong. We spend $7.40 ish.

::Du- Du-Du-Du:: (Scooby Do Music)

See. Now we are back to today. Wasn't that little time warp fun?

Which leads me to this post and what may become a series here on Raised in Raleigh. Dollar Store Test Drives. There are a lot of interesting products at the neighborhood Dollar Store. Some are great. Some are a little less fabulous.

I have a few items that I always pick up at the Dollar Store instead of other places because its close and I know the price is decent.

Then there are those items that we pick up in a moment of "its only a buck, it'll be fun." Those are the Dollar Store test drives.

From our trip last week we have two new items - nail polish that looks a lot like OPI (Could it possibly be?!? I'm excited to try it out!!!) and Disney Princess lip gloss (not for me, but someone else was excited to try it).

So, here goes.

Disney Princess Lip Gloss
Package looks nice. Cinderella - check. Big Girl opened it up and it smelled okay. About like the normal lip gloss she snags in stockings etc from Target.

Not my favorite. Glitter got everywhere and there wasn't really much lip gloss in the little tube.

Big Girl had fun playing with it, but the glitter was in chunks and looked pretty strange on her lips.


L.A. Colors Nail Polish

I grabbed a photo of my toes with this on. I just did one coat really quick. Fully expecting it to start chipping the next day.

The polish went on smoothly and didn't streak. Two days later I examined my toes and didn't see any chips. So, I put it on Big Girl. We did a coat of clear then the pink then another coat of clear.

After a few days of swimming and her constant picking it started to come off.

About ten days after I put it on my toes I took it off. It still looked pretty fresh.

Sparkly pink isn't totally my thing, so I probably won't use this bottle of polish again (bought it for the kids anyway) but I will buy more of this stuff.

Major score!

What do you love (or not so loce) from the Dollar Store?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Room Redo with Help

We/I am in the process of fixing up the guest room. By fixing up I mean making it look like a room family and friends would like to stay in and less like the haven for unused items that it was a few weeks ago. I really should have taken a "before picture" but alas its too late for that.

To give you an idea there were around six or eight boxes of clothes plus bouncy seats and baby swings and other gear that made its way to the attice. Three or four boxes that were donated and a decent size pile of t-shirts that turned into rugs. Plus the dust and sheets that needed to be washed. A bit of a mess.

Thinking back maybe its a good thing there isn't a before picture.

We have two little kids and two full time jobs - no judgement please. Plus, now its clean(ish).

In redoing the room I really wanted to include Big Girl. She's six and loves to help. Her favorite tasks around the house are dusting, using the baby vaccume cleaner (if you need a translation its the one for the tile floor) and filling the little compartment in the dishwasher with soap. She also likes art, but that kinda goes without saying if you've been following along for very long.

Back to the guest room. Its a blank canvas. Cream walls, cream carpet. The only thing that is set is that the duvet is an olive/brownish type of dark green and there is a book case and end table that my parents gave me when I was in college and had no furniture. They pretty much go together and at least the book case isn't the most dated piece of furniture in the house.

I kinda wanted to make a headboard, and have some old curtains that were up in the house when we bought it (not at all our style and have been in a box since about day two) that are a nice fabric that could be used for a headboard. Also cream.

So what other colors can I add to the mix? I'm sorting that out now.

In the mean time I decided it was time for an art project. One that could involve an energetic six-year old.

Here goes.

I had two boxes that were exactly the smae size. I cut off the flaps so it was more or less a canvas. Then Big Girl and I covered them with fabric (back to the curtains here - there are four sets of them). Also remembered how much I like a staple gun!

Then we taped them up like so. She was in charge of rolling out the tape and making sure it was pushed down everywhere and painting.

One color. Allowed to work independently. Happy kid.

The final product looks like this. (Can you tell this is a phone picture instead of a regular camera one? I totally think so. I may need an SLR.)

Fun. Pretty easy. All I had to buy was two small bottles of paint on sale 3 for $1 at AC Moore.

Stay tuned for the next project. :)

Wordless un-Wednesday

.... except to say "og" (dog).

Love Historic Oak View!