Friday, February 10, 2012

Dollar Store Test Drive

Do your kids love the Dollar Store? My daughter does. Sometimes we go in for one thing and spend $20. Take our last for instance.

::Du- Du-Du-Du:: (Scooby Do Music)

We went in for a mirror for the doll closet project. We should have come out with one item and only spend $1.06 or whatever. Wrong. We spend $7.40 ish.

::Du- Du-Du-Du:: (Scooby Do Music)

See. Now we are back to today. Wasn't that little time warp fun?

Which leads me to this post and what may become a series here on Raised in Raleigh. Dollar Store Test Drives. There are a lot of interesting products at the neighborhood Dollar Store. Some are great. Some are a little less fabulous.

I have a few items that I always pick up at the Dollar Store instead of other places because its close and I know the price is decent.

Then there are those items that we pick up in a moment of "its only a buck, it'll be fun." Those are the Dollar Store test drives.

From our trip last week we have two new items - nail polish that looks a lot like OPI (Could it possibly be?!? I'm excited to try it out!!!) and Disney Princess lip gloss (not for me, but someone else was excited to try it).

So, here goes.

Disney Princess Lip Gloss
Package looks nice. Cinderella - check. Big Girl opened it up and it smelled okay. About like the normal lip gloss she snags in stockings etc from Target.

Not my favorite. Glitter got everywhere and there wasn't really much lip gloss in the little tube.

Big Girl had fun playing with it, but the glitter was in chunks and looked pretty strange on her lips.


L.A. Colors Nail Polish

I grabbed a photo of my toes with this on. I just did one coat really quick. Fully expecting it to start chipping the next day.

The polish went on smoothly and didn't streak. Two days later I examined my toes and didn't see any chips. So, I put it on Big Girl. We did a coat of clear then the pink then another coat of clear.

After a few days of swimming and her constant picking it started to come off.

About ten days after I put it on my toes I took it off. It still looked pretty fresh.

Sparkly pink isn't totally my thing, so I probably won't use this bottle of polish again (bought it for the kids anyway) but I will buy more of this stuff.

Major score!

What do you love (or not so loce) from the Dollar Store?

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