Friday, February 24, 2012

Up Late

How often do you let your kids stay up late? For us its not very often. We're the 8 p.m. in bed. See ya in the morning kind of parents.

Most of the time.

But when we let Big Girl stay up late - its late.

Its hockey game in over time goes to a shoot out you gotta stand up and cheer even if its 10 p.m. and you're six years old kinda late.

We love the 'Canes. It was a good game.

After staying up late every kid wants to sleep in right? So we let her sleep in - for an hour. Then we got ready for school in about 20 minutes and flew out the door.

Did she make it through the day without a melt down? Will she need a nap?

I'm sending good vibes to our sitter.

I hope this afternoon isn't a disaster.

Stay tuned.

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