Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Are We Teaching Them?

In every family they are character traits that are passed on. Some are truly inherited - the same as hair color and stature. Others. Well, they can only be learned. Nature verses nurture as one of my college professors said.

In our family I think a unique sense of logic is being passed down.

As my husband ran out to the grocery store he said, "need anything else?"

I debated in my head. Caffeine or no caffeine? I'd totally addicted again, but if I don't give in and buy a case of Coke at the grocery store maybe I will find the strength to resist.

He sees my face. "What?"

"We'll I'm trying to decide about Coke," I explain to him... buying a case is better than stopping by a vending machine every day. Well - at least it saves some money.

His reaction?

No, "Its okay" or "have some Coke if you want."

Nope. "Its like smoking. If you're gonna do it buy em buy the carton."

Great. I was already feeling unhealthy.

:: Flash to Big Girl with her art supplies ::

Look what I made.

Um. What do I say? Puzzling Momma moment.

You want us to leave you alone.

Before I can get a word out she explains, "Its for brother. so he'll know not to come into my room."


Instead of laughing hysterically or saying anything (too) smart guess what comes out of my mouth.

"That's so sweet. Are you going to teach him to read?"

Then I do it.

I start to laugh. I just can't help it. It was one of those moments. She was so proud and so sure of herself.

So I stifled my giggles and - with tears in my eyes - left the room.

Surely its one of those nurture things.

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