Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a Jungle Out There

Oh baby baby its a wild world. Its hard to get by on just your smile girl...

So you probably don't really want me to sing. (Once I was "reassigned" from the band during youth Sunday at church because my singing was so bad. Seriously. At church!)

Okay, so those lyrics really don't have anything to do with this post, but somehow in my scattered brain it went together, so just stick with me and I'll get to the point.

Thinking about our yard these days kinda makes me think about a jungle.

There is the swing set, the garden, the leaves and... the snakes.

Yep. More than one.

The one that got chopped up was about this size.

from ncsu cooperative extension (I wasn't getting close enough to take a picute!)
Yes. Chopped up.

Its a snake people. One that could make you pretty miserable and debatably kill a small child - so I'm not even going to try and be politically correct.

Back to the snake(s). Copperheads mind you. We couldn't get any friendly non-aggressive snakes.

The first one showed up last Sunday. Big Girl found it while helping near the garden. I was inside putting Little Man down for a nap and suddenly heard, "get me the pointy shovel so I can get him."

Okay, maybe not those exact words, but pretty close. I was inside. Upstairs in our solid 1970's home. It was clear as day.

Needless to say I was outside in a second making sure everyone was okay.

As it turned out the snake was caught in the fence next to our garden, so he was pretty easy to "chop up" as my daughter put it.

But man I've been worried about them ever since. (Husband found another one a short time later.)

So this weekend its back to the yard work. We've got to get the weeds sprayed, the woodpile out and the herbs in the ground. Maybe oh maybe we'll also work on the trees, but its gonna be busy.

Oh, the garden you ask? Its doing great. Pictures soon!

PS - If you ever have garden questions - or snake questions the people at cooperative extension were so helpful! But the said the snake we saw was probably a baby (gulp) and that he could have anywhere from 6 to 40 siblings (gulp). If you live in our neighborhood be on the lookout.

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