Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paci and the Sniffles

A little one that takes a paci is a blessing.

It may not be to you, but to me it is. I much prefer it to the thumb - it can be sanitized, it can be thrown away, it can be stashed in a drawer when you don't want it around and pulled out of the diaper bag in the middle of church.

I like paci's much more than thumbs.

But either way you go, they don't mix with the sniffles.

When little one has a cold and needs to breathe through the nose, but can't sleep without the paci it can be painful for kids and parents alike.

If you are anywhere near Raleigh, you know allergy season is in full swing.

from RaleighSkyline.com
See? Full on yellow fog!

And - the last few nights (each getting worse than the one before) Little Man has suffered. And I/we have suffered right along with him.

Helping him sit up or propping him up in bed. holding him as he dozes paci free. Its a lot of work and its exausting work. But its worth it. Its what you have to do.

Its how you nurture.

And - its because no matter how sweet he is he can't understand that he needs to sit up to sleep or let go of the paci.


So if I'm tired, or he's tired or if I'm a little absent minded. Its for good reason. I'm gonna go take a nap.

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