Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dropped on the Head

As a writer, there are things that you want to write about but know you probably shouldn't. Or, if you do you shouldn't share it with many people - you know like on a blog.

Its not the same but it is similar to the filter that (should) automatically gets turned on when you're around extended family. Or when you're wearing a microphone and the red light is on meaning that the camera is "hot" and everyone in your high school will hear what you have to say. Wait was that me saying the Katie was terrible in the school play? Wait. U-turn back to my point.

There are things that probably shouldn't be blogged about out - like dropping a baby on his head, or falling off a bike, or intimate details of your relationship with your husband, or dropping a baby on his head. Even if your experiences can help others learn something.


You want to hear about dropping a baby on his head? You want to hear all about it so you can be in on the jokes for years to come? You'll stop reading my blog if I don't tell you? You think that I learned an important lessons and you want to learn too?

Then I have to.

The story goes something like this....

Big Girl and Little Man were at the park with the sitter. LM was toddling around doing his thing when the mother hen in BG decided tht he was somewhere he didn't need to be. Now mind you there was plenty of adult supervision and he was really perfectly fine.

That is when BG decided to pick him up and take him back to the playground..... and even though I wasn't there I can visualize it. New sandals meet sidewalk. Sidewalk meet brother's head.

Yep. She dropped him. On concrete.

He of course cried. Our sitter of course jumped into action.

Within an hour we were getting checked out by our friendly pediatrician. Pretty good considering what it was 4 p.m. and that is about the time traffic starts to back up in Raleigh.

He says LM will most likely be fine. A bruise about the size of a baseball that will take awhile to heal, but no real trauma thank goodness.

But that was a rough hour. First the panic. Then the trying to keep a toddler awake when its nap time and you don't have either of the two things he likes for comfort - milk or a paci. Fussing. Crying. I think our first all out temper tantrum. But he did stay awake (so did everyone else in the doctor's office!). Rough.

But here is what we learned and why this isn't the worst post to write (plus being in on the jokes).

- If kids/toddlers fall or are dropped less than four feet there is a really small chance of serious injury. I think he said less than one percent.
- If there is swelling after a blow to the head its bad. (We didn't have much if any.)
- The whole keeping them awake thing that they do on sitcoms is for real.
- Throwing up is a sign that its bad. (See the movies and TV shows get some things right!)
- Kids shouldn't carry kids around. Duh. Not so easy to teach a momma hen big sister.
- If your kid takes a blow to the head it can be important to get them checked out. This is because you can't check all the neurological stuff at home. Like blood or fluid in the ears and eye stuff.

So, thank goodness he is okay. Hopefully BG will be too (her ego is a little bruised from learning). And hopefully you learned something. I did today.

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