Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Projects Update

Remember back in January when we were talking about getting lots of projects done around the house. I named a whole list of things and while I didn't say it thought I was probably pushing my luck to get them all done quickly.

I did well for awhile, checking off the doll closet and the art work for the guest room and even the rugs for the kids bathroom.

Then I forgot to keep you updated. Bad blogger!

Since I didn't, here is the catch-up post.

I really wish the title of this post could be "Home Projects Complete" but its on of those things...

Okay. Enough sob story. Here are the projects that I can call complete.

Little Man's Curtains

Oh how perfect! They are basic, but nice. I carefully took the stitching out of the crib bumber, then ironed and put seems all around the edges. Big Girl helped and I those parts. Measuring fabric when there is no second chance is not a job for a first grader. Ironed some more. Whipped out the staple gun (P.S. Pretty much every home project should have a staple gun. Love using it.) and it was up.

In reality it took me most of a weekend when you include taking the seems from the crib bumper out, but its was worth it. Cute. Free. Match the crib set and rest of the room. Perfect.

Guest Room Wall Art

This one was also simple, but took a while to gather all the elements.

I laid all the shapes out on the floor, wrapped them in the fabrics to make sure I liked how they looked. Stared at them. Changed them. Went to the fabric store and thrift store for more fabric. Stared and changed them again, said a little prayer for a long nap time. Then I finally stapple gunned them on the assorted boxes and frames, etc. and hung them on the wall.

If you are interested in boxes, etc I used - here goes.

1. Old Dollar Store 4x6 frame
2. Lid to a wine gift box (leftover from Christmas)
3. Old picture frame, removed the glass and art
4. Wooden Box from a Melissa and Doug wooden fruit set
5. Box from Levolor blinds
6. Shoe box lid
7. Ring from the diaper pail refill (The part that is left over after the bag is used up.)
8. Another old picture frame
I think it would almost be easier for a kids room, or another space where you could just use a color pallet that you wear a lot of instead of going out shopping for just the right fabric.

It was a super fun and easy project. Another inexpensive one. I think there was about $5 at thrift stores for some of the fabric and about $6 at the fabric store for the blue one in the middle.

More to come soon. The headboard is already in progress!

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