Monday, April 23, 2012

The Truth

Most kids have trouble telling the truth at times. Whether its about sneaking candy before dinner, riding your bike on the big road or driving the car too fast, all kids lie Its part of being a kid.

The art of trying to uncover a lie - that is a feat of parenting genius.

Take this weekend for example. Okay, before I go any further, I should say that uncovering this lie didn't really take much detective work, but for the fact that we are practicing for when our kids are teenagers and there will undoubtedly be more detective work to uncovering lies - please play along.

It was a rainy Sunday and Big Girl was setting up for a game of Candy Land on the kitchen table. We used to play on the floor, but you really can't do that with a 16-month-old brother.

Alas, the board was set up. The plastic men were standing at attention and my beautiful, brilliant daughter was taking her slow time to shuffle the cards.

Husband wasn't too concerned about the long card shuffling, because, well, lets be honest, how many parents get excited about a game of Candy Land? I mean, you love hanging out with your kids, you may even like the mind work of Scrabble, but Candy Land isn't exactly a favorite most adults. :: Go ahead and send the hate mail if its your favorite. I can take it!

It was finally time to start. The cards are in a nice pile and husband says, "Who is going first?"

A little too excited our daughter says, "Me. Me!"

She takes the top card and says, "Oh look its the ice cream princess." Also known as the character that fast forwards you to almost the end of the game.

"Dang," I think to myself on the other side of the kitchen, my turn is going to be soon. (Remember I love my kid, but not Candy Land!).

But my husband, his mind was already going. He was suspicious. This kid really likes to win and the  ice cream princess is near the end of the rainbow road. Where you know, you have to get to to win.

Then he takes a card. Its the lollipop. Another candy card right in a row? Really? He strarts to open his mouth and she says, "I put it there for you."


All I hear is "Did you put the ice cream princess on top for yourself?"

Followed by a small little voice saying, "no."

Then the little voice saying, "I'm going to take my turn."

I honestly couldn't even look. If I had turned to look I would have either laughed or regressed to the playground and pointed my finger and said, "cheater!"

So I just stood at the stove with my back to the table and listened.

Did she just seriously cheat like that and then try to lie about it?

She did.

He asked again and she said no agin. I'd had it. I turned around.

She looked like she was trying to hide in her chair. Hoping it would swollow her up. It didn't.

I really can't remember who said what next. It was one of those sureal moments as she fessed up and started to ball her eyes out.

Then she had to clean up the game. No more Candy Land for the day.

She cried for a good 30 minutes, then pouted for a few hours. She's so hard on herself.

Hopefully, lesson learned, don't be sneaky and try to cheat. Mom and Dad will find out. However, I have a feeling it was also lesson learned on how to do it better next time. Isn't that just how kids are.

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