Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Know Its A Good Day

At the end of the day sometimes you take a moment and sit back and say, "hey, it was a good day." For sure you do it on vacation, on holiday's and for us on many Saturday's. But how often do you sit back and declare it a "good day," in the middle of the week? Around our house its not very often.
However, last night was different. It was a good day. Here are just three of the reasons.
1. A package we had been waiting on finally arrived.
2. The kids eat all their dinner without fussing.
3. Desert cost more than dinner.

Wow. Yesterday the stars must have been aligned!

First, the replacement bulb for our TV came in the mail. We have two TV's, so its not like we were without TV. But now we can grab the ice cream and catch up on all the trash that we secretly watch after the kids are in bed (Sister Wives or Gold Rush anyone?)

Then - dinner. Its always a treat for us when the kids are happy about the meal they are getting. And a special bonus if it can be outside with nice weather. It doesn't have to be a good meal, and in fact to get them totally quiet during a meal it usually has to be kids food. So, getting the rare combination of kids food and outide dining makes it a good day. (Could have been near perfect except the hot dog place doesn't have wine!)

Did I mention it was also less than $20 for three adults and two kids to eat? Fantastic. Thanks grandma and Snoopy's. We love $1 Tuesdays.

Finally desert. Nothing makes it a good day like a good desert and Goodberry's is right next to Snoopy's. Whoever planned this knows a thing or two about family dining.

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