Monday, June 11, 2012

Headboard Project

At the beginning of the year I set out to spruce up our guest room. So far there have been two are projects for the walls - one with painted canvases, the other with fabric covered boxes.

A few days ago I (finally) finished the headboard.

It was not a difficult project - but it was time consuming.

I started by going to the home improvement sotre and having a piece of plywood cut to the width of the bed.

At home I nailed 2x4's around the edges to frame and stabilize the headboard.

Next I used the staplegun (so fun!) to attach the padding - left over from the crib bumper that I took apart to make curtains in Little Man's room - to the frame.

Then I took out the old curtains that were up in the house when we moved in two years ago. Ironed them. Ughhh. Then ironed them again with starch. Double Ughh.

I lined up the fabric and stabled across the top starting in the center and moving out - one staple on one side, switch, switch again. (See you also get a little workout with this project!) So that you don't see the staples I wrapped the fabric all the way to the edge of the 2x4 closest to the middle of the back of the headboard.

Then I went down the sides the same way so the fabric stretched evenly.

Finally I turned it upside down and stappled the last of the fabric to the bottom.

Before the new headboard could be called done I trimmed the extra fabric that was around each side.

Oh. Wait. Last step - pull out the bed and wedge the headboard between the bed and the wall.


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