Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keeping Score

Do you keep score? Some people perfect parents people say you shouldn't keep score when you're playing games with little kids. Its supposed to teach them something, the rules of the game, focusing on taking turns...

I understand the idea in t-ball and soceer. But, at our house we are always keeping score - who ran down the driveway first, who's won more games of Guess Who. You get the idea.

Most recently husband and I have been keeping score in the Parents of the Year contest. You know, the one that we totally made up?!?
Here are some of the things we've kept score on:
- 1 taking Little Man out in the cold on Sunday morning
+1 a little culture for Little Man by watching his dad run in a marathon
- 1 letting Little Man play on the floor at one of our favorite resturants/bars
+3 new swingset
+3 pulling off the swingset as a total suprise to Big Girl
- 2 baby falling down two stairs because we weren't supervising him
- 1 checking the backpack Monday night and finding the Friday folder
+1 catching that Big Girl didn't do all her homework before she went to bed
- 1 forgetting to have her finish the homework before bed

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