Monday, June 11, 2012


The older my daughter gets the more challenging it can be to show her how much she is loved. She is only six now. But, I am sure it is not something that is going to get any easier any time soon.

This afternoon, without even thinking about it, without any hesitation, I showed her how much she is loved.

The story starts out like this.

We were on a walk through town on vacation. We were several blocks. Probably no more than six or eight from the hotel and had been playing in a big beautiful fountain.

It was wet and Big Girl was wearing new flip flops. They are plastic, but not the super cheap Old Navy kind. They are really pretty cute... Okay. I'm getting off subject.

The cute new flip flops started to hurt her feet. We weren't even out of sight of the fountain when she said in a very earnest and not whiny voice, "my feet really hurt."

Hubby started asking if she could make it back to the hotel and she looked like she wanted to cry. She asked if he could carry her. (She is way to big for carrying.) So, instead, I took off my nice comfy Rainbows and told her to put them on. I asked if they felt better and she said yes.

I walked all but the last two blocks back through town barefoot. looking at the ground all the way to make sure I wasn't stepping on anything sharp - but barefoot. As we reached the busiest street before the hotel and one block from the cobblestone I stopped.

Hubby started to say that she should put her shoes back on, but I just took them from her and wedged most of the onto my own feet. As I started walking I could feel them exchanging a look. I had a strange feeling that one of them was about to say something, but they didn't. Not a word.

As we walked up to the hotel - me still  in pink and yellow zebra plastic flip flops we ran into Uncle D and his family. (You may remember the awesome lesson he taught about reading instructions to make milk for the cows when we visited the farm last spring.)

Hi how are you! All the excitement of seeing them for the first time on this trip. As we headed on to to our room I took Big Girl's flip flops off and again went barefoot.

This time through the Doubletree instead of the streets.

Love. I couldn't help thinking to myself. It is such a powerful thing.

I hope my daughter knows how much I love her. (My husband and son too. But today it was defiantly about my daughter.)

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