Monday, June 25, 2012

Toddler Boys vs. Toddler Girls

The last few weeks – and even months – I’ve started to realize how different boys and girls are. Even at an early age.

As Little Man reaches 18 months (yikes!) I was reflecting on the differences between my kids as toddlers.

Potty TrainingBG was mostly potty trained. She’d sit on the potty several times a day, even ask to go, and was starting to stay dry at night.

LM loves his diaper. You ask him if he’s dirty and he shakes his head no. You ask him if he needs to go potty and he will run into the bathroom, pull his shirt up and laugh at you. I dare anyone to put him on the potty. He cries and makes the same face as when you ask him to give up his paci.

TalkingBG: This is a big one. She had a vocabulary that surprised nearly everyone. She could have a whole conversation with adults. No baby talk. “I have a letter.” “I have purple shoes.” Lots of please and shanks (thanks).

LM: Just got to his first sentence about a week ago. Ma straw now. Translation, mommy I want strawberries. Its combination second child, sister loves to talk for him and she was kinda ahead on the whole talking thing.

Attention SpanBG: She could sit still for a long time. 30 minutes or more. We’d play Duplo’s for what seemed like hours. She’d sit on the floor and color while I cooked. Free to have her crayons and/or markers and I trusted her on her own.

LM: Ummmm. Let’s start with the fact that he has a blue streak through his hair right now. He frequently has blue lips and fingers. It’s no reason to stop him from coloring, but he certainly needs a lot of supervision.

Bedtime RoutineBG: She liked the ides of bedtime. The bath. The stories. The snuggling. She didn’t like to actually get into the bed. Not unless she was sound asleep. There were nights that I would sit up rocking her for an hour or more after her bed time. I couldn’t keep track of how many stories I’d read a night. (Eventually we had to impose a three story rule.)

LM's idea of routine is that every night involves a naked lap around the upstairs of our house. If he's not naked its in his diaper. The only exceptions are when he's zonked out in the car on the way home from some event and we carry him upstairs fully dressed. Like his sister he likes his bath and some nights he likes reading stories, but very few nights go exactly the same. Perhaps its something we need to work on, but it could also be one of those personality things.

I could go on. I won't. At least not now. If you have great stories, share. I'd love to hear them. It will make our crazy days seem a little more normal.

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